The former members of Guns N' Roses are planning a comeback tour, which will include visits to foreign countries.  Their agent (who doesn't seem to be very good at this) has a laundry list of possible tour locations.  There are nine possible sites, however you must narrow them down to six.  In addition, you must find out which city will provide them with the best access to their fans while bringing in the most revenue (if that is your main goal), and select a specific venue if possible. Where are the best locations for their upcoming tour?

The possible countries are:

Germany Saudi Arabia Chile
Zambia Azerbaijan Myanmar
Afghanistan Belarus Kiribati

Open a new window to travel through the world wide web.  At any time you may go to the instructor's AP Human Geography Home Page and scan down to Links for additional links. When visiting the websites throughout this mission, note that you can use any of them for useful information.

We will now begin our search with Germany:

1.  First, you will want to look at a basic map of Germany. Go to  Select Germany and then launch the map page.  Many maps and sites are listed.

2.  Now you want to view a map that shows population density. Go to National Geographic ( Click on the Maps link. Focus on Germany's location, then select the "More Theme Maps" tab. Select Population Density, and then zoom in on Germany to see where population density is high (and therefore, with more people to sell tickets to). You may also search this site for national and cultural information.  

3.  You will need some statistical information about Germany, for instance, what the average income is per person (after all, people need some disposable income to attend the show).  Go to the CIA World Factbook ( publications/factbook/index.html).  Select Country Listing and Germany.  You can an exorbitant amount of information on any of the listed countries (even Antarctica!).  Now go back a page, select Guide to Rank Order Pages.  This allows you to compare various countries with respect to specific fields of information.

4.  Now you will want to find out what you can charge for tickets.  Search for any currency converter on the web (Yahoo finance has a good one).  Click on Europe, Germany, and then scan down to the Currency Converter section at the bottom of the page.  You can also utilize this site to access information such as the largest cities, the people, the economy, and many more areas including recent headlines.

5.  After compiling some initial data, you will want to compare Germany with some other countries on the list.  Select the United Nations hyperlink (  Click Welcome, and CyberSchoolBus.  Go to Infonation.  Select Germany and click on Data Menu.  This is an excellent source for comparing and contrasting worldwide data.  (You can also find statistical data by going to the Upper School tab on Blackboard, selecting Pantherlink Web Databases, and World Geography.  You will need a username and password to use this site. Select Clioview from the selections in the left hand margin to compare data).

Go back to the main CyberSchoolBus page.  Select Country at a Glance, then Germany.  Here you may gain some basic national information for any United Nations member.

6.  Which city in Germany should you choose?  You can go to to find out some basic information.

7.  You have learned a great deal, but you must still compile more information for a clearer picture of Germany's potential.  For more in-depth population data you can look at the Population Reference BureauAre there any outbreaks of disease to avoid?  (World Health Organization)  Which city offers superior transportation?  What about sites and attractions in the area?  What other concerns could you possibly have? - - Think for yourself, would ya?

The Assignment:
1)  You must submit a full type-written proposal of at least 2 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font) describing the top six cities (and the actual stadium or venue, if possible) in the countries you are recommending for the tour.

        Of primary importance is to explain the criteria you used for your choices and support your findings with sufficient detail (population, relative location, place, region, movement of news (by means of a modern infrastructure demographics, religious concerns, cultural aspects, etc...), making certain to cite the sources used to find the information.

    2)  Outline the route that would be most cost effective for the tour and discuss your reasoning.  (Remember, you are a human geographer, so write like one!)  You may use this World Map.