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Regular:  Students will integrate fundamental concepts of human geography into the chronological study of world history from 1750 to the present.  They will study the logical sequence of human activities in time to better understand the logical arrangement of human activities in space.  Students will employ historic and geographic concepts to examine human social, political, economic, and cultural organization.  Students will use original documents, maps, and other relevant information to gain a better understanding of the world around them.  They will also employ their skills in writing descriptive, comparative, and analytical essays.

Teachers:  Bodfish          Sollitto          Tompkins

Honors:  Students are introduced to the study of human geography through the conceptual study of world history from 1750 to the present.  Comparisons are made across space and time through the main themes of population, culture, political systems, rural and urban societies, economic and industrial development, and environmental issues. Students consider specific geographic and historic issues, and use their critical thinking skills in analyzing original documents, maps, geographic information systems, and other relevant available information pertaining to the themes under consideration.  All students are expected to master the skill of writing comparative and analytical essays, and will be introduced to document-based essays.  Students are encouraged to take the advanced placement examination in Human Geography.

Teachers:  Bofdish          Snyder

Pine Crest School Social Science Department & the Institute for Civic Involvement

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