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The Social Science Department implements the school philosophy and curricular objectives through content offerings and by activities in the classroom, school community, and beyond.  Through its offerings, the Department promotes an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society, and challenges students to understand economic, geographical, political, and social themes in the world of which they will become leaders.

Three credits taken on the high school level are required for graduation: The Modern World, U.S. History, and one elective.


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The Institute for Civic Involvement

The Institute for Civic Involvement contains the Social Science Department classrooms for grades 9-12, a specialized resource library for government and law books, a 176 seat lecture hall/theatre which is often used by guest speakers and for programs involving politicians and community leaders, class and seminar rooms and an office to coordinate off-campus internships in government affairs. The Institute sponsors a Model United Nations group and several active student political clubs, which are involved in local, state, and national campaigns; produces a monthly newsletter to foster political awareness; and encourages field trips inside and outside the State of Florida.

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Courses A listing of all courses offered by the department and their webpages.
Politics @ PC Information about extracurricular political and social science related activities at Pine Crest such as Political Forum.
Explore! Links to outside websites relating to Social Science.  Click here to research a topic, get the latest information, and explore the Net.
Faculty Contact information for faculty and staff within the department.

Curriculum Review Project

Current information on the department's efforts to coordinate all Social Science classes with respect to assessment standards, skill requirements, and interdisciplinary instruction.
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Pine Crest School Social Science/Humanities Department & the Institute for Civic Involvement

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